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A certified public accountant is a trusted financial advisor committed to providing professional service and guidance in various areas, such as tax planning and preparation, personalized to meet your specific financial needs and goals. Establishing a working relationship with a Houston CPA is an optimal way for businesses and individuals to understand a myriad of recent tax changes and stay on top of their taxes with year-round planning and preparation services.

Help Understanding Recent Tax Changes

Next year, your tax returns may look slightly different due to recent federal, state, and local tax law changes. These changes are the result of new rules, regulations, and provisions. While the impact of these changes will vary, depending on an individual’s or business’s specific situation, it is essential to understand the changes applicable to you so that you can be prepared when it comes time to file your taxes.

Ideally, you should schedule an appointment with a Houston CPA for professional, personalized service. The CPA can determine which tax changes will apply to your specific circumstances, provide detailed information on them, and run accurate calculations to help you avoid any surprises. Ultimately, they will help you navigate various changes, offering businesses and individuals their expert advice.

Year-Round Tax Planning and Preparation

Because it is never too early for businesses and individuals to begin thinking about next year’s tax returns, therefore avoiding the rush of tax season, a certified public accountant is available throughout the year to assist with your tax planning and preparation. There are many advantages of continuously working with a Houston CPA.

Understanding recent changes to tax laws, as they pertain to your specific circumstance, is one of the most significant advantages. Additional benefits of continuously considering and planning your taxes include beating the rush associated with tax season.

In addition, a Houston CPA can also advise on tax deductions, credits, and contributions to potentially maximize your tax refunds and minimize any liabilities. They also provide several business services and offer timely guidance to resolve any errors or other issues should they arise with your taxes.

Contact a Houston CPA to Discuss Your Financial Goals

Hollis Lewis & Company, PLLC is a Houston CPA firm committed to providing our clients with professional and personalized tax preparation, accounting solutions, and business services. Our certified public accountants are respected financial advisors with two conveniently located offices in Harris and Montgomery County, TX, and more than ninety years combined experience. Please contact us today to discuss your accounting, business, or tax preparation needs.