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certified public accountant, commonly referred to as simply a CPA, is a trusted financial advisor committed to helping individuals and businesses achieve financial success. That is accomplished through professional service and guidance in various areas, including financial planning and business consulting, personalized to the client’s specific needs and goals.

CPAs also meet specific educational and experience requirements – along with continuing education credits – and have passed an examination. Typical training includes 150 credit hours of instruction, although many CPAs have master’s degrees. They can perform services such as bookkeeping, estate, and trust planning, prepare business and nonprofit incorporation forms, and prepare taxes for companies and individuals in the state where they practice.

What Does a CPA Do?

Business Services: These services are designed to assist small and medium-sized businesses to reach their financial goals and include small business accounting, payroll, cash flow management, and succession planning. Additional services offered by a CPA include QuickBooks, business consulting, cost segregation studies, research and development credits, 1099 preparation, and business and nonprofit formation.

Tax Services: A certified public accountant can accurately and promptly prepare and file state and federal taxes. They can also answer any tax-related questions you may have and provide advice on specific situations. Finally, should issues arise, a CPA possesses the expertise and knowledge required to help you resolve them.

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Hollis Lewis & Company, PLLC was founded in 1947 by Fox H. Hollis Jr. to provide tax and accounting services to Southeast Harris County. Thirty years later, in 1977, Mark E. Hollis joined the firm to include the Houston area. Then in 2002, Gordon A. Lewis merged his Woodlands accounting practice into the Hollis firm, thus creating Hollis Lewis & Company PLLC.

Today, with over 90 years combined experience, our firm serves individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations at one of our two conveniently located Texas offices: Clear Lake and the other in The Woodlands. The industries we serve include but are not limited to construction, healthcare, hospitality, legal, manufacturing, and retail. Please contact us today to discuss your tax preparation, planning, or accounting needs.


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